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Began 12 JANUARY 2016 Ended 27 MARCH 2016

Roberto Plate


Closed Began 12 JANUARY 2016 Ended 27 MARCH 2016

  • Hours Tuesday to Friday 12.30 to 8.30 pm and Saturday and Sunday 9.30 to 20.30 Hs.
  • Curator Raúl Santana
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This retrospective exhibition of Roberto Plate is a tribute his career, linked to the social and political life of the country since the sixties.

The exhibition provides access to the original poetic universe of Plate and appreciate the complex articulation of all lines of work, ranging from painting to set design, the performance of the facility.

The exhibition is curated by Raul Santana and the support of the French Embassy in Argentina, bringing together some of the most important works of the artist in his work as a painter, set designer and his foray into different techniques and genres that span the conceptual art, installations and happenings.