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Began 17 APRIL 2018 Ended 17 JUNE 2018



Closed Began 17 APRIL 2018 Ended 17 JUNE 2018

  • Number of Works 290
  • Room Room 39 "Sala 39 y 40" (first floor)
  • Curator Cecilia Medina
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Guillermo Roux (Buenos Aires, 1929) has brought off a show unique in his long career, in requiring two very different Buenos
Aires sites: the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes [National Museum of Fine Arts] and the Casa Central de la Cultura Popular Villa
21-24, [Popular Cultural Center Villa 21.24] in the Barracas neighborhood.

Diario Gráfico [Graphic Diary] offers a selection of the ballpoint pen drawings Roux made between August 2015 and December
2017, in which, in a kind of diary, he recorded his worries and concerns, things that surprise him, aspects of the world he
still doesn't understand.

Chronologically arranged, these works take stock of the world he found about him on making it home to the suburb of Martínez after a long hospitalization. After, come images from the start of his rehabilitation: the swimming pool, the physical therapy and the people he was linked to in the first sessions to restore his mobility and independence.

Fashion, a recurrent theme in his drawings, finds a new exploratory space in this urban art. Woman, flowers
and self-portraits fill out a panorama of the production which harbors the secrets of dawns at his bedside, bordered
by near shadow.

For Roux, Diario Gráfico is his chance to settle a debt with a public he was previously unable to approach as he would have
liked to. In the fullness of his 88 years, he's deciding today to take to the streets, to the walls of Bellas Artes and the Casa
Central de la Cultura Popular Villa 21-24, to say: "I'm here, I'm alive and I want to have some fun!"

Cecilia Medina