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Began 31 MARCH 2015 Ended 31 MAY 2015



Closed Began 31 MARCH 2015 Ended 31 MAY 2015

  • Hours Tuesday to Friday from 11.30 am to 7.30 pm - Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm
  • Room Room 39 "y 40 - Sala de exposiciones" (first floor)
  • Curator Adriana Lestido

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On 31st March at 19.00, the National Museum of Fine Arts inaugurates the exhibition Bernard Plossu – Françoise​ NuñezTogether.  ​This time 50 works are exhibited: 25 photographs of Plossu and 25 of Nuñez.

​The exhibition features photographs taken by the couple Bernard Plossu - Françoise Nuñez. The careful selection allows to appreciate the style and depth of both artists. They started in photography when in France it had not yet reached the appropriate level of recognition.

Bernard Plossu was born in Vietnam in 1945. In 1958 performed a spiritual journey to the desert of Sahara with his father and there he took his first photos with a child camera.

During his youth in Paris he attended the Cinematheque where he was visually formed. The influence of the nouvelle vague cinema is evident in his portraits of women and in the choice of technique characteristic of this era.

Between 1965 and 1966 he lived in Mexico. He travelled the country and photographed it. His stay in the Aztec country would rise origin to the book Voyage mexicain, published fifteen years later, fundamental work for both photography and poetry.

According to Pierre Devin, noted French photographer, founding member of the Centre Régional de Photographie Nord-Pas de Calais, "Plossu innovative approach extends the imaginary dimensions. Retrospective construction, style and themes are marked by an author at the dawn of the balance between work and life. He breathes the air of freedom".

His life revolves around numerous trips and publishing books on these experiences. From a technical point of view he always uses a 50mm lens, often with old cameras, even with toy cameras, taking both black and white and color photographs.

Françoise Nuñez began to pursue photography in 1975. He had studied with Jean Dieuzaide. He worked in Spain, India, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Ethiopia, Senegal and Japan.

Devin described Nuñez photography as "... the place of subtle balance between the inside and the outside, between reality and fiction. The rigor and concentration are manifested in a way it affects the visible. It is the ability to see, take and make. We are far away from the metaphor of the catch. The serenity of the decision is prolonged in the laboratory work. The fineness of his technique magnifies his perception."