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Began 15 APRIL 2014 Ended 03 AUGUST 2014



Closed Began 15 APRIL 2014 Ended 03 AUGUST 2014

  • Hours Tuesday to Friday from 11.30 am to 7.30 pm - Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm
  • Guided Visits Thursday to Sunday from 15 April at 6 pm
  • Room Room 39 "y 40 - Sala de exposiciones" (first floor)
  • Curator Andrea Giunta
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​​Miguel Rep, with humor and sincere admiration, used his drawings to consider the complex world of art history. His explorations, from prehistory to the present, were published 10 years ago by Planeta in an anthology book.

​The reissue of this book, "revised and expanded" seems the perfect excuse to organize this exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts, including new, original artworks by Rep.
The exhibition, curated by Andrea Giunta, far from being organized chronologically - from prehistoric cave art onwards - or geographically - European, American, Argentina - is arranged so as to establish thematic relationships between Rep’s drawings. We are shown  references to the complexity of the art world and the often tumultuous relationships and conflicts between artists, art dealers, critics and the general public.
Some recurring themes reflected on with humour and subtle irony are artist inspiration, art materials, the problem of the originality and the opening of the exhibition. Rep’s new approach is therefore original and accessible to all.
Because humor is an invaluable gateway to knowledge, this exhibition is part of a more long-term program of the National Museum of Fine Arts to bring art and the public holdings of the museum to an increasingly diverse and pluralistic audience.
The MNBA will accompany the exhibition with a special guided tour by the educational department of the museum.
The exhibition is sponsored media journal “Página 12" and the support of the Friends of the MNBA