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Began 11 JUNE 2014 Ended 03 AUGUST 2014



Closed Began 11 JUNE 2014 Ended 03 AUGUST 2014

  • Hours Tuesday to Friday from 11.30 am to 7.30 pm; Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30 am to 20.30pm
  • Guided Visits To be confirmed
  • Number of Works 120
  • Curator Roberto Amigo y Alberto Petrina

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The MNBA Arts opens on 11 June at 7 pm. "The American time" curated by Roberto Amigo and Alberto Petrina.

The presence of the Andean themes in Argentine art between 1910 and 1950, is the expression of Americanism and the aesthetic and ideological power of cultural nationalism. The main groups developed under the influence of Ricardo Rojas, archaeological expeditions, the Inca imaginary and nativist painting in the National Museum, Andean artists in Buenos Aires, the styles of the thirties and forties and the beginning of provincial schools, (which allowed modern artists to journey and discover the Andean culture). The period thus represents a tour from Indianism and nativism to indigenism.
In addition to painting, drawing, sculpture and architectural projects, the exhibition displays magazines, books, catalogs, film and classical and popular music. The exhibits come from public and private collections in Buenos Aires, La Plata, Rosario, Santa Fe Jujuy, Tilcara, Humahuaca, Bariloche. It features more than 120 objects, including important works of Argentine art.
Key Artists: Libero Badii, Jorge Bermúdez, Cesáreo Bernaldo de Quirós, Antonio Berni, Pompeyo Boggio, Gertrudis Chale, Fernández Mar, Raquel Forner, Alfredo Gramajo Gutiérrez, Héctor Greslebin, Alfredo Guido, Cecilio Guzmán Rojas, Juan Carlos Iramain, Ernesto Lanziutto, Leonie Matthis, José Malanca, Medardo Pantoja, Luis Perlotti, Francisco Ramoneda, Raúl Rosarivo, José Sabogal, Ernesto Soto Avendaño, Lino E. Splimbergo, Atilio Terragni, José Antonio Terry, Miguel Viladrich, Wifredo Viladrich, Sesostris Vitullo, among others.
The exhibition has the support of the Friends of the MNBA and ​Cámara Argentina del Comercio

Roberto Amigo